Our rental fleet

In our rental fleet, we offer almost all the machinery and equipment for rent that we have in our sales range

Renting machinery is the right choice if you:

  • Need machinery and equipment for special operations and purchasing them wouldn't be worth it.
  • Need certain machinery and equipment immediately.
  • Peak loads that must cover your own devices.
  • You would like to plan carefully if repeat business appears uncertain.
  • A new acquisition does not fit into the budget and you want to conserve your cash.

We always keep machinery and equipment in the rental fleet so you can work productively. Since we also sell the machinery and equipment that we rent out, it is possible that you can buy it after taking into account rent already provided.

Our rental machines are machines from brand manufacturers and are usually very new. Our rental machines are also optimally supervised by our service and if something doesn't work we will solve the problem immediately so your construction work can go ahead.

Hier können Sie sich unsere Miet-Preisliste als pdf-Datei herunterladen.

Our contacts in rental service

Area Geldern

Markus Ariaans

Tel.: +49 2831 131-125

Artur Janzen

Area Essen

Stephan Schacht

Tel.: +49 201 83342-14

Detlef Ludwig

Norma GmbH
Tel.: +49 201 83342-60

Area Bergheim

Michael Krahé

Tel.: +49 2271 6076-40

Manfred Ruland

Tel.: +49 2271 6076-41