Weber Rüttelplatten und Stampfer

With approximately 50 years of experience, WEBER MT is a specialist and leading provider of hand-held soil and asphalt compactors such as vibratory plates and vibratory rammers. 

WEBER MT is an innovative company – it develops

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Battery technology

Vibrationsstampfer SRE 590 DC   
Vibrationsplatte CF 2 DC
Vibrationsplatte CF 3 DC
Vibrationsplatte CFR 90 DC
Bodenverdichter CR 2 DC
Rollenrüttler VPR 450 DC
Rollenrüttler VPR 700 DC

Vibratory rammers

Vibrationsstampfer SRV 300
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 590
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 620
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 660
Vibrationsstampfer SRX 750 D      

Reversible plates

Bodenverdichter CR 1                        
Bodenverdichter CR 2
Bodenverdichter CR 3
Bodenverdichter CR 5
Bodenverdichter CR 6 
Bodenverdichter CR 7
Bodenverdichter CR 8
Bodenverdichter CR 9              

 Prospekt COMPATROL® 2.0

Vibratory plates

Vibrationsplatte CF 1
Vibrationsplatte CF 2
Vibrationsplatte CF 3
Vibrationsplatte CFR 90                 

Paver roller

Rollenrüttler VPR 450                     
Rollenrüttler VPR 700                  


Grabenwalze MC 85                        
Duplexwalze HPR 65                
Duplexwalze DVH 600                 
Duplexwalze DVH 655 E

Pavement saws

Fugenschneider SM 57-2             
Fugenschneider SM 62-2
Fugenschneider SM 82-3

Prospekt Diamantscheiben