Our services

Service for earthmoving

Our service is for all the equipment in our range:

Of course, we also provide construction equipment from other manufacturers.

Service for superstructures and cranes

We service all cranes and superstructures in our range:

Our technicians are equipped with the latest computerised diagnostic equipment and are continuously trained in the works of the manufacturer. Your crane or tipper is in good hands at our company!

Service for small machines

We service all small machines in our catalogue. We have trained technicians and well-stocked spare parts at all of our warehouses. We are also happy to repair machines from other manufacturers.

Reconditioning equipment

Have your wheel loaders and scoops reconditioned by experts and give them a second life. We have certified welders for this.

Testing according to the accident prevention regulations (UVV)

We do this for you competently and affordably! Once a year, every machine and loader must be tested according to the accident prevention regulations of the trade associations.