FASSI is the specialist for truck cranes.

Since the launch of the partnership between FASSI and the MICHELS company in 1998, numerous FASSI cranes have been handed over to our customers. Our reference list can be found in the area between 1 mt class and heavy duty cranes of up to 150 mt.

More than 90% of a Fassi crane is manufactured directly in a FASSI factory near Bergamo, Italy. A network of experience, competence, and professionalism is the basis of a production model that has set itself the goal of achieving the best possible quality in all its facets: Power, labour, safety, research, innovation, and great choice. The extraordinary diversity of the FASSI product range with more than 60 models in 30,000 configurations allows customisation of cranes on order with a customised design. Every customer who opts for a FASSI product due to the high quality and equipment options shall be completely satisfied.

Recently, FASSI research has been primarily devoted to the reduction of the weight of cranes. The engine of a machine that brings weighs less works with lower fuel consumption, which means greater efficiency when operating the truck. The decision to use high strength steels with superior properties in terms of weight and rigidity facilitates significant weight reduction of the machine and at the same time leads to higher resistance and excellent physical-mechanical properties under stress.

Support monitoring for Fassi cranes

The Fassi system for the stability of the crane with permanent monitoring function for ensuring ideal operation of the crane taking into account the stability of the vehicle depending on extending the support extensions.

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