Weber Vibratory plates and rammers

Weber Rüttelplatten und Stampfer

With approximately 50 years of experience, WEBER MT is a specialist and leading provider of hand-held soil and asphalt compactors such as vibratory plates and vibratory rammers. 

WEBER MT is an innovative company - it develops

Product Overview


Typ  Prospekt
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 300SRV 300
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 590SRV 590
Vibrationsstampfer SRV 600iSRV 600i
Vibrationsstampfer SRX 620SRV 620
Vibrationsstampfer SRX 660SRV 660
Vibrationsstampfer SRX 750 D  SRX 750 D

Reversible Plates

Typ  Prospekt
Bodenverdichter CR 1CR 1
Bodenverdichter CR 2CR 2
Bodenverdichter CR 3CR 3
Bodenverdichter CR 4iCR 4i
Bodenverdichter CR 5CR 5
Bodenverdichter CR 6  CR 6
Bodenverdichter CR 7CR 7
Bodenverdichter CR 8CR 8
Bodenverdichter CR 9CR 9
Bodenverdichter CR 12                   CR 12          

 Prospekt COMPATROL® 2.0

Forward Plates

Typ  Prospekt
Vibrationsplatte CF 1iCF 1i
Vibrationsplatte CF 1CF 1
Vibrationsplatte CF 2iCF 2i
Vibrationsplatte CF 2CF 2
Vibrationsplatte CF 3CF 3
Rollenrüttler VPR 700                   VPR 700    


Typ  Prospekt
Duplexwalze DVH 600                  DVH 600
Duplexwalze DVH 655 EDVH 655E
Grabenwalzen TRC 66/
                                  TRC 86
TRC 66/
TRC 86

Pavement Saws

Typ  Prospekt  
Fugenschneider SM 57-2              SM 57-2
Fugenschneider SM 62-2SM 62-2
Fugenschneider SM 82-3 SM 82-3

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Weber Rüttelplatte vorlaufend
Weber Vibrationsstampfer
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