Schaeff Excavators and wheel loaders

Schaeff Bagger und Radlader

SCHAEFF mini-excavators are the perfect machines for fast and economical work on construction sites with limited space. SCHAEFF mobile excavators are particularly suitable for inner-city areas where they are used for lifting, digging, and laying pipelines. SCHAEFF wheel loaders - the universal helper on every construction site: earthmoving, civil engineering, road construction, gardening and landscaping, laying cables, forestry, agriculture, and also in the rental business.

SCHAEFF Overview brochure

Michels offers on site support for all SCHAEFF machines so your investment pays off.

Mini excavators

Type  Operating weight (kg) PowerBrochure
TC14-2      1.50010.4 KW (14.1 PS)TC14-2
TC16-21.65010.4 KW (14.1 PS)TC16-2
TC19-21.84012.0 KW (16.3 PS) TC19-2
TC22-22.01012.0 KW (16.3 PS)TC22-2
TC252.60017.4 KW (24.0 PS)TC25
TC292.92517.5 KW (24.0 PS)TC29
TC35-23.57022.8 KW (31.0 PS)TC35-2
TC37-23.55022.8 KW (31.0 PS)TC37-2
TC484.87029.0 KW (39.4 PS)TC48
TC505.02026.5 KW (36.0 PS)TC50

Mobile excavators

Type  Operating weight (kg) PowerBrochure
TW75       7.400 – 7.60055.4 KW (75 PS)TW75
TW959.100 – 9.50074.4 KW (101 PS)TW95
TW110      11.000 – 12.50085 KW (116 PS)TW110

Wheel loaders

Type  Operating weight (kg) PowerBrochure
TL65       3.900 36.4 KW (50 PS) TL65
TL70S         5.20045 KW (61 PS) TL70S
TL804.90045 KW (61 PS) TL80
TL1005.80055.4 KW (75 PS) TL100
TL1207.00074.4 KW (101 PS)TL120

Crawler excavators

Type  Operating weight (kg) PowerBrochure
TC60           5.650    32.2 KW (44 PS) TC60
TC75         7.50054 KW (74 PS)TC75
TC858.20055.4 KW (75 PS)TC85
TC12511.300 - 12.50085 KW (116 PS)TC125
Schaeff TC 19-2
Schaeff TC 37-2
Schaeff TW 75
Schaeff TW 110
Schaeff TL 80
Schaeff TL 120