Blomenröhr Trailers

Blomenröhr Anhänger

The versatile and flexible product range from BLOMENRÖHR offers special trailers with a low loading height. The company offers the following product groups:

•    Mini loaders

   Brochure Mini loaders

•    Drive-through loaders  

   Brochure Drive-through loaders

•    Drive over loaders 

   Brochure Drive over loaders

•    Planks vehicles

   Brochure Planks vehicles

•    Three-way tippers

   Brochure Three-way tippers

•    Two-way tippers

   Brochure Two-way tippers

•    Two-axle

   Brochure Two-axle
•    Special vehicles   Brochure Fahrgestelle
   Brochure Tieflader ankippbare Ladefläche


These products are manufactured on request.
Your special requests are implemented on the vehicles.

Blomenröhr Durchfahrtieflader
Blomenröhr Überfahrtieflader
Blomenröhr 2-Seitenkipper