Atlas Cranes

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As the first ATLAS dealer in Germany, Michels has been successfully marketing ATLAS cranes since 1950.

Atlas AK 35.2
Atlas AK 57.3
Atlas AK 95.2
Atlas AK 120.2E mit Zweiseitenkipper
Atlas AK 170.2 Baustoffkran mit Baupritsche – Ladungssicherungszertifikat
Atlas AK 172.3 E
Atlas AK 206.3 E
Atlas AK 330.2 auf Sattelanhänger GHL
Atlas AK 330.2

ATLAS company founder Hinrich Weyhausen started selling construction and agricultural machinery in 1919. He realised then that the machines his customers really needed did not exist. So he listened intensely and simply built the machines himself – exactly according to the requirements of the people who used his tools daily. Usage was always the priority. This still applies to MICHELS today – nothing has changed about this value concept at our company.

With passion and expertise, highly motivated ATLAS employees develop successful crane technologies. Many customers, engineers, and experts around the world contribute to this success. This results in robust working tools that are more economical and safer to work with than ever before.